Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going Down

I've been hit,
and I've been hit hard
with a blow that strikes
as sharp as it feels
and as deep as it looks.

I'm going down
in a thunderstorm
a tree burning on the horizon
and tears falling like rain.
I'm going down.

And I've never felt so alone in the world
without your laugh
crackling through the air like ozone.
And I've never felt so sad
without your smile
breaking the clouds and making way
for a rainbow.

And sometimes now,
the storm clouds hang on,
I can't seem to shake it.
The weather man's wrong.
30 percent chance of depression.
20 percent chance of despair.
100 percent chance that life's going to go on,
without you in my life.

I've neglected this blog due to a death in the family. But I've got a lot to write and a lot to get out. So I'm back.

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